• RecruitmentStep 1

    • You may hear of our biobank through posters, brochures, websites, audio and video media, etc.
    • You may have required more information regarding how all the data will be proceeded from the orientation of recruitment from Biobank.
    • If you would like to volunteer, please provide your contact information.

    ReservationStep 2

    • One of our researchers will contact you to confirm your willingness to participate and to verify if you fulfill the requirements.
    • Please go to the specified hospital or research facility on the day of your appointment.
       (Three options will be given: (1) Free picking services will be provided from the recruitment centers, (2) NTD $500 coupon will be sponsored if you travel by your own to the recruiment centers, (3) Booking appoinments for physical-mobile tour car in advance)

    Informed ConsentStep 3

    • Confirming consent: Our researchers will explain in detail once again about the biobank, as well as your rights, obligations, and risks outlined in a letter of consent. After confirming your willingness to participate and your fulfillment of the requirements, you will be asked to sign the letter of consent.

    Physical ExaminationStep 4

    • Physical examination:Tests of height, weight, body fat, waist and hip circumference, blood pressure, pulse, bone density, lung function.

    Biospecimen CollectionStep 5

    • Sample collection: A qualified and trained researcher with a medical background will assist in collecting 30-mL blood and 15-mL urine from you with your consent.

    QuestionnaireStep 6

    • Interview questions related to health: A researcher will interview you and record your answers, inquiring about basic information, lifestyle, diet, exposed environments, reproductive history, medical history, family medical history, etc., to collect data and information about your health status and living environment for related research in the future.

    Feedback SurveyStep 7

    • Feedback survey: Before you leave the facility, please fill out a Feedback survey independently and place it in a mailbox within the facility. This will help us determine if the participation process is thorough and if any improvement in future implementation will be made.

    Biospecimen and Data StorageStep 8

    • Inquiries at research facilities: During the participation process, if you have any concerns or hesitation, you can contact the biobank with your questions through our consultation line, ensuring peace of mind.
    • Follow up: For the following reasons, we will contact you again to confirm your consent:
        。 If the data or information you provided is incomplete or your samples were damaged during transport, we will contact you and ask you to provide your samples or relevant data and information again.
        。 Data collection at our biobank is based on long-term follow up studies, so according to the requirements of a specific disease, we may contact you every 2-4 years. You will be asked to provided samples and related data or information, so that we can understand changes in your health status and living environment.
        。 We will ask for your further permission if the usage of the scopes are excess than the previos one in Biobank.
        。 If there is a need in the future for a different study, researchers requesting further data, information or samples may contact you through our biobank to ask if you would like to participate in their research.